Small World


比如很久很久以前,我看一个博客,很喜欢,作者叫 Matrix67。

过了很久很久以后,P&P 告诉我这个人是北大中文系的,就住他们楼。

又过了很久很久,P&P 告诉我 M67 和他 MM(1)分手了。

又过了很久很久以后,Ryan 找了一个中文的 MM(2)做女友。

今天,我通过 Ryan 终于知道了 MM(1)=MM(2)。

又比如追 P&P 的小美眉的妈妈是我以前通选课的老师。



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  1. It seems true~But another explanation for such kind of stories is, Great Minds Think Alike.Therefore, Great people always gather together, no matter which part of the world they are from.Never surprised to see my comments. Having met so many people from Guanghua PKU these days, so it occurs to me that I have ever known a person called JZL and U R really excellent, to be sincere.Just wish all your dreams come true, including your relationship with that lovely woman~ Also, sincerely.

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