Macbook Air

Air, unwrapped.
Thin, light, durable. Thank you, flash storage.
Air over Book

Hooray! Finally, I don’t have to bear the spinning wait cursor anymore.


    1. I used to hold the same opinion as yours. Air might leave people with the impression of fashion. However, things have changed. I think I don’t need a notebook as fast as pro. Meanwhile portability seems to be more important than ever, so I chose Air at last.

      1. 同意,新款AIR在很多方面的性能都可以与低配Pro媲美,这主要归功于SSD同学。AIR唯一的缺陷就是内存无法扩展,因为内存条是焊死在主板上的。不过如果不做图或者视频编辑的话,2G内存完全够用(如果你是4G内存请直接把这句删掉)。
        from my MBA 11′

          1. yep, I exchange my MBP 13′ with a guy on Douban early this year, I think it’s the best machine I’ve ever had. But if I can start over, I would try to get the 4G version 11′.
            Enjoy your honeymoon w/ Ms. 11′ 🙂

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