Quotation from Bruno Poizat

Professor Rami Grossberg mentioned the following book as a reference on his class ‘Model Theory I’, A course in Model Theory, Springer-Verlag 2000, by Bruno Poizat.

Professor Grossberg wrote this on his website,

This is a translation of Poizat’s book that was published about 25 years ago by him in France. It is intelligently written and original in its approach. Unfortunately his treatment of forking is outdated. I recommend reading its introduction, it is quit entertaining (especially if you are not American).

As a maths majored student, I had never found it would be interesting to read an introduction of a maths book until I get to Poizat’s book. Here is an excerpt from the introduction:

… What will reassure them that the difficulty they (beginning mathematicians or students at universities) feel in reading a mathematical text, always full of gaps, in a field foreign to them, does not come from any intellectual shortcomings, is this: that established mathematicians have the same difficulties; that the stone-cold demeanor that they posses whenever attending conferences in their subject matter, where they do not understand the first word but show all the outward signs of complete comprehension, comes not from superior mental agility, but rather from their experience in attending colloquia and seminars…

You may preview the rest part through Google Book.

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