MacBook Air Back To Life

Undoubtedly, Apple’s service is extremely good. Now every staff in Apple Store is equipped with an iPhone, and some of them an iPad. Moreover, all the cost for repairing any Apple’s product is covered if it is under warranty, and Apple won’t question you. That’s the upside. Perfect user experience as always.

But it seems that the guys behind the Genius Bar aren’t that smart. After they replaced my keyboard and trackpad, I was told that there was a software defect blocking me from accessing the operation system and hence the data. Their suggestion was to erase my hard drive and reinstall everything, but all my data would be lost.
I took my MacBook Air home without reseting it and checked if it’s possible to move my files before the reinstallation. Thanks to the infrastructure of Lion, by pressing the option key when starting Mac, one can access Terminal, and even surf the web. So, as you might know, via Terminal I could copy all the files out of my dying Mac. Though the reinstallation took a long time, finally my MacBook Air came back to life intact.

So the question is, why didn’t the staff at Apple store tell me that I could save my data through Terminal or even do that for me? Instead, they indoctrinated me to use Time Machine next time and implied that I should take the consequence this time. Yes, once again they were trying to Applize me. I know it, but I won’t buy it.


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