18.204 Spring 2019

Class meetings: Tuesdays and Thursdays 1pm–2:30pm in 2-151
Instructor: Zilin Jiang
Communication specialist: Malcah Effron

Course description

Seminar in combinatorics, graph theory, and discrete mathematics in general. Participants read and present papers from recent mathematics literature. Instruction and practice in written and oral communication provided. Enrollment limited.


3 presentations worth 16.67% each, 2 in-class midterms worth 11.11% each, and the term paper for 27.77%.

Attendance policy: Without a valid excuse such as illness, failure to show up at one’s own talk or missing more than 3 classes results an immediate failure.


2/5Introduction2/7Presentation workshop
2/12Lisa Everest
Tyler Barr
2/14Will Fox
James Allen
2/19No class (Monday schedule)2/21Anshula Gandhi
Kundan Chintamaneni
2/26Kevin Shen
Jeet Mohapatra
2/28Thomas Dudzik
Xiaoxi Wang
3/5Christopher Wang
Yuan Yao
3/7Neha Prasad
Kuo-An Wei
3/12Matthew Farejowicz
In-class midterm #1
3/14Anshula Gandhi
Yuan Yao
3/19James Allen
Matthew Farejowicz
3/21Writing workshop
3/26No class (Spring vacation)3/28No class (Spring vacation)
4/2Will Fox
Xiaoxi Wang
4/4Lisa Everest
Tyler Barr
4/9Kundan Chintamaneni
Jeet Mohapatra
4/11Kevin Shen
Thomas Dudzik
4/16No class (Patriots’ Day)4/18Presentation workshop
4/23Christopher Wang
Neha Prasad
4/25Kuo-An Wei
In-class midterm #2
4/30Jeet Mohapatra
Kuo-An Wei
James Allen
5/2Anshula Gandhi
Will Fox
Lisa Everest
5/7Thomas Dudzik
Yuan Yao
Neha Prasad
5/9Peer critique
5/14Matthew Farejowicz
Xiaoxi Wang
Kevin Shen
5/16Tyler Barr
Kundan Chintamaneni
Christopher Wang