21-355 Spring 2012

Instructor: Professor Nicholas Leger and Dr. Barbara Zwicknagel

Textbook: Principles of Mathematical Analysis

Homework Feedback for Section A & B:

  • Homework 1(15 pts for Section A): Chapter 1 – Ex1(2 pts), Ex5(4 pts), Ex9(6 pts) and Ex13(3 pts).
  • Homework 1(19 pts for Section B): Chapter 1 – First problem(2pts), E1(2pts), E2(2pts), E3(7pts), E4(2pts) and E5(opts).
  • Homework 2(18 pts): Problem 1 b(2 pts), c(2 pts), e(2 pts), Problem 3(3 pts) and Problem 4 b(3 pts), d(2pts), f(4pts).
  • Homework 3(18 pts): Problem 1 c(2pts), Problem 2 a(3pts) d(3pts) Problem 3 a(3pts) c(3pts) d(2pts) and Problem 5 a(1pt), c(1pt).
  • Homework 4(15 pts): Problem 1(3pts), Problem 2(2pts), Problem 3 a(2pts), b(3pts) and Problem 4(5pts).
  • Homework 5(20 pts): Problem 1(2pts for each subproblem), Problem 2(1pt for each example), Problem 3(1pt for each of a and b, 3pts for c), Problem 4(3pts), Problem 5(2pts for each subproblem).
  • Homework 6(20 pts): Problem 1 a(2pts), b(3pts), c(2pts), Problem 2(2pts), Problem 3(1pt for each subproblem), Problem 4(3pts), Problem 5 a(2pts), b(3pts).
  • Homework 7(18pts): Problem 2 a(3pts), b(2pts), Problem 3 a(3pts), b(2tps), c(3pts), Problem 4 b(3pts), c(2pts).
  • Homework 8(15pts): Problem 1(3pts), Problem 3 (2pts), Problem 4 a(2pts), d(2pts), e(3pts), Problem 5(3pts).
  • Homework 9(16pts): Problem 1(5pts), Problem 2 (5pts), Problem 4(6pts).
  • Homework 10(15pts): Problem 2(5pts), Problem 3(5pts), Problem 4(5pts).
  • Homework 11(20pts): Problem 1(3pts), Problem 2(4pts), Problem 3(4pts), Problem 4(5pts), Problem 5(4pts).
  • Homework 12(20pts): Problem 1(3pts), Problem 2(6pts, 2pts for each subproblem), Problem 3(8pts, 2pts for a, 3pts for each of b and c), Problem 4(3pts).

Explanation on Grading and Homework Feedback:

  • Often, only part of the homework is graded and points are assigned to each problem according to their difficulties.
  • Key steps will be provided for each question after I finish grading. Welcome to leave your comments and share your ideas.

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